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With its research based practices, Weath World Trade has created a community of more than 1 lakh people, mentoring them to acheive growth in the field of stock market. Many enthusiastic traders have learnt the technical analysis and trading strategies with their committed help.

In India education of investing is very low and people do not possess the knowledge needed to test the waters. Stock investment is a rapidly growing hub in India and thanks to entrepreneurs like Hemant Chahar, people can hone their skills and earn innumerable profits.

With a research-oriented and experience-based tactics, Hemant and his venture ‘Weath World Trader’ is ready to set new records where they can expand their reach and share more trading knowledge with their subscribers and follow traders.

Founder Wealth World Trader

Mr. Hemant Chahar

 the founder of Wealth World Trader (a community of over 1 lakh members), has an experience of over 6 years in the stock market and has established himself as a successful trader in the industry.

From his humble beginnings as a delivery boy to running a community with over 1 lakh people in stock market, Hemant is the prefect example of someone who achieved great heights with their wits and talent. Determined to let his knowledge and experience reach other people, he built up a big empire and the success and impact of his initiative is highly apparant.

But unlike many, he didn’t start big. He started trading at the age of 24 with a mere capital of 2 lakh rupees in options trading and successfully turned it into a sum of 2 crores.

With the help of Wealth World Trader, he has helped educate thousands of people about financial market and has guided more than 10,000 people in acheiving their dreams of becoming a successful trader. By providing them with a competent platform, he has fueled their growth while inspiring them to live up to expectations.

Mentor Wealth World Trader

Dr Hariom Gurjar

 is a dedicated, detailed and capable Manager with 15 years of experience in heading departments and teaching at PhD, MBA, BBA, B.com levels. He has extensively published his research in reputed social science journals, with related expertise in emulating theory and his hands-on experience in quantitative/statistical analysis, budgeting, derivatives, portfolio analysis and forecasting nurtures the team and supports the growth of the organization. He is a confident presenter at conferences and amicable teacher in classrooms. His ability to explain complex information at very ease to audiences of all levels and provides robust modelling and reporting to facilitate executive-level decision-making. With his strong analytical skills, he supports operations through the analysis of key performance indicators and trends. His major interest areas are Equity derivatives, Foreign exchange and commodity segment. He is a consensus-driven communicator who liaises across various academic units and promotes organizational success. His ability to adapt to new technologies rapidly and possessed expertise with SPSS, STATA, MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and a broad range of statistical software. Here are some of his publication references:

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